Political goals

  • To drastically reduce unemployment and create new jobs. This is our most important goal and our first concern: jobs, jobs, jobs.
  • To restore justice in the distribution of funds from the Region of Western Greece. With equal distribution in relation to Achaia.
  • To support Popular Entrepreneurship, through the interconnection of producer groups with entrepreneurs for the seamless distribution of their production.
  • To promote the establishment of a Tertiary Educational Institution in our Prefecture. Not as a “service”, we are entitled to it as the largest Prefecture in the country.
  • To create modern Infrastructures that are missing from our Prefecture.

Financial goals

  • To reverse the balance of imports – exports in our Prefecture.
  • To increase the rate of local development and our local GDP. The implementation of the economic program of ND will help decisively in this, which with the reduction of taxes, contributions, VAT and ENFIA, will stimulate the economic activity.
  • To attract investments, both public and private.

Social goals

  • To increase security in our neighborhoods and fields. With the support of the Police Directorates, in material and technical infrastructure and in human resources.
  • To substantially improve the provided Education in all Levels, from kindergarten to higher education. To finally operate a Model School in our Prefecture. Like a Model Vocational High School, with innovative methods and connection to primary production for easy finding of work.
  • To upgrade the Health structures and to increase the medical and nursing staff in our Prefecture.