To achieve our goals, we must invest in particular in 4 pillars:

Agricultural development – Education – Infrastructure – Tourism

Agricultural development

The support of the rural world is central to the New Democracy government program, which envisions a comprehensive package of actions aimed at moving to a new model of modern rural entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal is to gradually transform the Aetoloakarnania farmer, stockbreeder, fisherman into a modern, successful businessman. Our commitment is the intensive effort for:

  • Modernization of our primary sector. Investing in extroversion, innovation, quality.
  • Higher guarantee of Community subsidies from the new KAP.
  • Aid through generous tax incentives with a 10% tax reduction of Associations and producer groups.
  • Ensuring a better price for the producer
  • Implementation of measures to strengthen export activity.
  • Investment in processing. We support innovation but also the integrated process, the combination of primary and secondary sector.
  • Intensification of controls to protect Greek producers from irregular imports and Hellenization of raw materials and products from abroad.
  • Location and development of fish farms.
  • Promotion with certification of PDO and PGI of local products, such as roe, Messolonghi salt, olives and oil of our region etc.
  • Supporting agricultural production in its daily life, creating the “KEP of the farmer” and small businesses.

This will really support the primary sector. We are the largest prefecture in the country with unique capabilities. We can become the Basic “granary” of the country.


A new development path must begin with the upgrading of Education. We must stop seeing our young men and women being forced to leave to fight for their dreams abroad. To give these children the right supplies for the future. Supplies, adapted to the needs of our place.

Today, more than ever, we must all together, with the government of New Democracy, fight for the establishment of an autonomous Higher Education Institution based in our Prefecture.

A dynamic, independent, integrated educational institution that will pioneer scientifically in key areas and related to our Prefecture, such as:

  • crop production,
  • livestock with emphasis on primary animal production,
  • fisheries, maritime studies, environmental management of water resources,
  • secondary production management, processing and related services,
  • environment and its protection policies,
  • marketing, international promotion of commercial products through advertising, financial management for
  • agricultural production.

Such an institution will be able to fully support the specialization of local producers and our quality workforce.


  • Implementation of a comprehensive plan for the construction and maintenance of the main roads of the prefecture.
  • Secure connection of the coastal zone with the hinterland.
  • Upgrading of mountain road network.
  • Claim of the Western Axis Railway.


Our place has all the necessary features for high level tourism 12 months a year.

With methodical work, an ecotourism model can be made. We can:

  • To develop the port of Messolonghi as a tourist destination, as well as the western coastal front of our Prefecture.
  • To make Nafpakia a strong pole of alternative tourism.
  • To use our potential to develop thematic tourism and especially agritourism,

Based on standard agricultural and livestock units, health tourism, religious tourism (eg in the heat), sports tourism, historical tourism (eg in Messolonghi), cultural tourism.

To achieve all this, we need one more thing: a change of mentality.

To invest for once in team effort, in cooperation.

To invest in our place. To give a great battle. On many levels, everyone, with their strengths.

And above all, let us all be united!

This is Aetoloakarnania with force!