The vision that I share with you for our place, is summarized in 3 words: Aetoloakarnania with power

Aetoloakarnania will gain power when we believe in it ourselves. When we awaken the productive forces of this place. So that it does not just stand out, but flies into agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism, education.

Aetoloakarnania with power, means Aetoloakarnania with development. With a strong local economy.

With new, good jobs. With opportunities for our young people. With educational possibilities. With social cohesion.

To achieve this, we need to give a lot of battles. On many levels. each, with his powers. And above all, let us all be united!

I am politicized to help make my place better. To make the lives of my fellow citizens, even a little, better. To solve big problems that are getting old.

To help so that we can all finally live together, in an Aetoloakarnania with power!